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Cuban Peso

The responsible authority is Banco Central de Cuba in Havana, La Habana, Cuba. The ISO 4127 code is CUP.

There are two currencies for Cuba. These are the Peso (sometimes called the National Peso, ISO 4217 code CUP) and the Convertible Peso (sometimes called Chavito). Nominally, the two currencies are on par with each other. In practice, a convertible peso has a lot more value than a national peso. The National Peso (CUP) is the main currency for domestic use. Workers receive their wages in National Pesos. The Convertible Peso (CUC) is the main currency for tourists. It replaced use of the US Dollar in tourist shops in November of 2004. Generally, the currency pegged on par with the US Dollar. In practice, however, it pegs at 1.08 now.

Other Units

The Cuban Peso divides into 100 centavos.



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