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Greenland flag

Greenland is in North America. Its capital is Nuuk. This place is a land of Denmark. It is at 72° 00' North, 40° 00' West. Greenland has an area of 2,175,600 square kilometres (840,003 square miles). The population is 57,670. This population is from a 2011 estimate.

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For currency they use the Danish Krone. The inflation in 2005 was 1%. The economy link (above) goes to a page that lists their commodities and trading partners.


Generally, foreign affairs are the responsibility of Denmark. However, Greenland actively participates in international agreements relating to its own affairs.

The capital's name was Godthåb.


In the year 2001, the literacy rate was 100%. This definition of literacy is portion of the population over 15 years of age, that can read and write.


People here speak Danish, English, Greenlandic, and Iñupiaq. Religions beliefs here include Evangelical Lutheran and Inuit.

Time Zone

It is in the East Greenland (GMT - 1), Central Greenland (GMT - 3), and West Greenland (GMT - 4) time zones.

Administrative Divisions


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