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Continent of Africa

Africa is the large land mass to the south of Europe. Some research suggests that the human race started here. Europeans have colonized, and then released, much of the continent. The colonizing had an effect of taking many resources from the land, but leaving native residents without education. Much of the area at the desert and north has dominant Arabic cultures. The areas to the south have a mix of native and European cultures.

Africa has more countries than any other continent.

Each country is finding its own way of making the transition to comfortable independence, but not with much easy success. The colonizers divided the continent in a way that suited them, but they gave little regard to local tribes' beliefs and culture. Now, these countries are composites of various tribes and cultures that may not get on with each other at all. In addition, the colonizers left few resources to share in some areas. The resident populations tend to outgrow the resources available, and try to take what they need from neighboring groups. This is a major part of the civil wars.

Some of the governments have inexperienced or corrupt leaders running them. These governments are inefficient and put an additional strain on the resources.

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