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Who We Are

WallaDB is a sole trader that provides an online almanac or encyclopedia. We research everywhere to collect the most comprehensive lists available. Not only do we visit websites, but we also contact the sources by mail or phone. We even visit some of the sources.

We also try to compare the information between several sources to find gaps or anomalies. When we find them, we research them until we understand them. We want to present all of this information as clearly as possible.

We have researchers in Ireland, Australia, Israel, and the United States.



We want you to feel comfortable using this site. Currently, we collect information about your browser, your IP address, the pages you visit, and the page that sent you to us. If you used a search engine, we may also get the search string that you typed to find us.

We use this information to see which pages are popular. If we see many hits for a page, we will find more information on the subject. We also use the information to ensure that no one abuses our resources.

Please realize that all websites receive this information. It is how the internet works. We do not give this information out to anyone. We do not have any way to match this to you as a particular person. At best, we can keep track of a single visit to pages.

We do not use cookies to store information on your computer. We do have links to affiliates on our site. When you click on a link, we send information about ourselves to the affiliate. They may store information to this affect in a cookie on your computer. Below, under Affiliates, you can view their privacy policies.


At some point, we will use cookies to track sessions. This feature will allow you to use our help in your research. We plan to charge for this feature. You will not get a cookie on your computer until you subscribe to the feature.

When we implement the subscription, we will collect additional information about you so that we may fulfill your requests. We will update this policy to describe what we collect, and what we do with it. However, we will never send you email with out your prior request. We will not use popup windows to encourage such a request.


Our revenue comes from commissions from book sales. Please buy a lot of books.

Please use the links below to view any privacy polices that concern you.

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Thank you for visiting! Please look around. Any questions or concerns? Send an email!

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