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Your Projects

We help you manage your projects. You can keep track of tasks, link articles on the website to the projects, and do simple statistical analysis for the projects. The main project screen will list all of your projects, and up to thirty outstanding tasks. On that screen, you can quickly tick off the tasks as you complete them.

Make your first project

Once you logged in, choose the Projects button over the top of the page. It will take you to a fresh screen that contains a link to add a project. Click on that link, and you will get a screen to take the details for the project. Type a name, some additional comments if you like, and choose the Add button. You will see your new project on the next screen. If anything looks wrong, chose Edit Project Details to make the changes.

Add Some Tasks

Now you can add tasks. Choose Add New in the tasks table. This will take you to the Add Task screen. Enter the details for the task. Ticking the Urgent box will give the task greater prominence on all of the lists until you mark it complete. Once you enter the details and choose Add, you will see the screen for the project, with your task in the Tasks for the Project list.

Choose Edit to make any changes. Choose Delete to remove the task from the list.

Click on the Projects button again, and you can see your new tasks listed on the main projects screen. If you ticked some as Urgent, you will see them with a red and white Urgent indicator.

Link Some Articles

Now, go around the website to the various articles on countries, languages, airports, and other topics. On each page, notice the button at the top of the page called Bookmark. Click on it, and you can link the page to your project. If the project is a research project for a new factory location, you can bookmark all of the possible areas for your new factory. This will be a short list for a further review later.

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